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We held a Research Roadmapping Workshop in at the EC in Brussels on 25 June 2012. The agenda for this workshop, including the speakers' slides and the papers we received, are available through the link below.

FIA Research Roadmap Events

There was a Research Roadmapping session at the Future Internet Assembly, 25th/26th October, in Poznan - see [[1]]

Download the FIA Research Roadmap (FINAL VERSION 2.0 now available)

The FIA roadmap now can be found on the FIA Roadmap Download Page .

What is the FIA Research Roadmap?

In the decade following 2020 the Internet will look very different to how it looks now. The challenge of building it will be different from the challenges we are addressing today. Future Internet research will cross research boundaries, be of a scale that we are just imagining, and have impact in new areas and in ways we have only begun to explore.

The FIA Research Roadmap aims to gather the collective insight of the FIA research community to identify those big challenges to contribute to shaping the Framework 8 research programme.

How are we going to build the research roadmap?

Think how much the internet has expanded since the 1990’s, and then think how different it will be in the 2020’s when today’s school children will be at university and when today’s students will be creating the innovations applications and services.

  • What will be the key technical, business, and societal challenges then?
  • How will internet address them?
  • What will the big roadblocks that must be addressed?
  • Think beyond current research, current projects, to the shape of the online digital economy beyond 2020. What makes it tick? What will make it work?

Who is involved?

The FIA research roadmap working group is supported by a number of support actions who will collect key challenges in each field, focussing on high impact new research and will produce a FIA research roadmap report by the end of 2011 as input to the Framework 8 research programme.

An open workshop will be held on 31 March 2011 which will be an opportunity for everyone to get involved. This will result in Version 1 of the research roadmap, to be presented at FIA Budapest in May. After that a second cycle of refinement will happen until Version 2 at FIA Poznan in late 2011.

How to get involved

The process for developing the FIA research roadmap was developed at the roadmapping workshop at FIA Ghent, and the summary slide displayed above is an overview of the process. Gathering these inputs is complex and there are many different kinds of inputs to be gathered - the framework that we have adopted reflects this and allows us to gather a variety of different contributions but to fit them into an overall framework. From each of the differnet research areas we are seeking input on

  • What is changing?
  • What is our vision?
  • What are the future internet challenges?
  • What are the solutions to these challenges?

For further information, and hints and tips on how to contribute, see the structure and contributions of the FIA Roadmap

Contact the support action project in your area to contribute to the research roadmap input for the first draft. Participate in the spring workshop (31 March), and join us at FIA Budapest from 17-19 May to review the first draft. Notices will be circulated on the FIA mailing lists so you don’t miss out.

Contact us

Through the coordinator of your support action (EFFECTS +, SOFI, NextMedia, Paradiso 2, IOT-I, CHORUS+, FIRE STATION, Fireball, ENSEMBLE) Online at the FISA research road mapping Wiki ( Or through the EFFECTS+ support action (

Coordination of the FIA research roadmap is provided by the EFFECTS+ Support Action.

This wiki maintained by Nick Wainwright and Nick Papanikolaou of the EFFECTS+ Support Action and HP Labs Europe.

Timeline for preparation of Research Roadmap

Phone Conferences

Minutes of phone conferences and agenda for upcoming phone conferences (most recent first). Dial in numbers are here

Meetings and Events

Working Documents

Background Documents

EU policy activities relevant for FP8

These are described under the "Innovation Union" umbrella.

Software and Service unit documents

Some documents with a more limited scope have been produced in the Software and Services unit at the Commission:

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