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Press release: FP7 Projects coordinate their actions to support Future Internet Assembly standardisation activities

On 27th September 2010, 7 CSA projects funded under the FP7 agreed on a shared action plan to support Standardisation activities within the Future Internet Assembly (FIA). Already covering the domains of testing, mobility, security, cloud computing, internet of things, internet of services and media, this initiative will welcome participation of new projects and organisations to build a ‘standardisation community’ within the FIA. This community will not do standardisation on its own but will support other projects, to engage in standardisation, to get more out of their standardisation activities and to ensure sustainability of their efforts after project end.

Each involved Coordination and Support action is more particularly in charge of one broad domain

Contributing support Actions


Call for participation of Future Internet research projects in Aalborg

Here is a list of events where you could meet us:

Name Location Dates FISA Contact
- - - -

Past events

Name Location Dates FISA Contact
ICT2010:Support to Future Internet research standardisation Brussels, Belgium 27 September 2010 Franck Le Gall
FI week:standardisation workshop Ghent, Belgium 15 December 2010 Fabrice Clari
ITU-T Kaleidoscope event: standards corner Pune, India 15 December 2010 Franck Le Gall
Cloudscape III Brussels, Belgium 15-16 March 2011 SIENA
FIA Budapest: standardisation session Budapest, Hungary 18 May 2011 Franck Le Gall
Future Network Technologies Sophia-Antipolis, France 26-27 September 2011 Patrick Guillemin
Internet of Services 2011 :: Collaboration working groups Brussels, Belgium 29 September 2011 Daniel Dardailler
FIA Poznan session Poznan, Poland 25 October 2011 Franck Le Gall
FIRE Standardisation workshop Poznan, Poland 27 October 2011 Franck Le Gall
Standards brokerage event Aalborg, Denmark 10-11 May 2012 Franck Le Gall

Meetings minutes

2010/11/08 Conference call minutes

2011/02/15 Conference call minutes

2011/06/10 Conference call minutes

2011/09/08 Conference call minutes

2011/10/12 Conference call minutes

2011/11/22/ Conference call minutes

2012/01/20/ Conference call minutes


Here will be maintained a list of relevant information for your involvment in standardisation activities. In the coming months, it will evolve toward a brokerage activity so that projects can cooperate on common areas of interest for standardisation or build their standardisation activities from the outcome of another projects.

Are you interested

  • in publishing any information related to your standardisation activities,
  • in promoting your standardisation organisation, with a focus on your (pre)standardisation support scheme
  • in getting more information about a running stnadrdisation activity

Please contact us, we will promptly adress your request

The following repositories are available:

Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently asked Questions have been created by the COPRAS project. They are dated from 2007 but are still very much valid. The project also issued Standardization guidelines for IST research projects interfacing with ICT standards organizations

Pre-standardisation activities in FIA

Under constant improvement It contains the list of running and planned (pre)standardisation activities being pursued within FIA research projects.

FIA related Standardisation organisations

Under constant improvement It contains the list of standardisation organisation relevant to FIA research.

Reports and initiatives

In construction. Here are listed known reports and initiatives dealing with the exploitation of Future Internet research through standardisation

Contact us

For any request or question regarding FIA standardisation activities, please contact Franck Le Gall.

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