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Main Page Future Internet Support Actions.

Future Internet Support Actions

This wiki supports the activities for the group of Framework 7 Support Action projects in ICT Challenge 1 who are involved in the operation of the Future Internet Assembly. The group is known collectively at the "FISA" support actions.

This wiki is maintained by members of the FISA support actions, and is readable by all.

Project Challenge Comments FISA Contact
SESERV D1 Socio Economics Michael Boniface
EIFFEL D1 Future Internet
CHORUS+ D2 Search
SOFI D3 Internet of Services Lyndon Nixon
MOSQUITO D3 Mobile SW & Services Fabrice Clari
MobiWebApp D3 Mobile SW & Services Daniel Dardailler
IOT-I D4 Internet of Things Francois Carrez
NextMedia D2 Future Media Internet Paul Moore
CASAGRAS 2 / IERC D4 Internet of Things IoT/RFID Patrick Guillemin & Trevor Peirce
FIRESTATION F4 Experimentation Testbeds Timo Lahnalampi
Paradiso2 F4 Experimentation Internet-Societies Interactions Roger Torrenti
FireBall F4 Experimentation Living Labs, FI, Smart Cities Hans Schaffers
MyFire F4 Testbed Standardisation Franck Le Gall
ENSEMBLE D4 Smart Enterprises Michele Missikoff
CONCORD FI-PPP Support Action for FI Public-Private Partnership Petra Turkama (Aalto University)
EFFECTSPLUS F5 Trust, Security, Privacy, Compliance Nick Wainwright

FIA Activities

The Activities operated by the FISA support actions on behalf of FIA are:

  • FIA Research Roadmap Creating the Future Internet Assembly's research roadmap, coordinated by EFFECTSPLUS project
The Future Internet Assembly research roadmap is the combined vision of the participants of the Future Internet Assembly for the research challenges for the future Internet in the timeframe addressed by Framework Eight (FP8). It will be provided by FIA to the EC as input to the FP8 reseach programme. Contributions to the research roadmap are faciliated by the FP7 support actions (projects) associated with the different aspects of the Future Internet research challenges.
  • FIA Standardisation Support Supporting the Future Internet Assembly projects in their standardisation activities, coordinated by MyFIRE and MOSQUITO projects and strong involvment of CASAGRAS2, Chorus+, MobiWebApp, NextMEDIA, EFFECTPLUS, SIENA and SOFI.
The Future Internet Assembly standardisation Support group is not doing standardisation on its own but is a relay between projects and communities to increase the overall contribution to standards of the Future Internet Assembly.
  • FIA International Cooperation Supporting the development of international cooperation on Future Internet issues, coordinated by PARADISO2 and involving Casagras2, Chorus+, FIRST, MyFIRE, NextMEDIA, and SOFI.
An initiative aiming at strengthening coordination within the FISA group on international cooperation issues, which should eventually lead to a more efficient support to all FP7 projects addressing Future Internet issues and interested in international cooperation..
  • Future Internet Socio Economics Coordinating discussion and debate on the the socio-economic aspects of Challenge 1 projects, coordinated by SESERV and involving PARADISO2 and FI3P.
An initiative that aims to bring together those who study and those who build the Future Internet for the purpose of looking for new perspectives on Future Internet research and understanding the impact from technology. The FISE community consists of a multidisciplinary community of researchers and professionals sharing ideas from different, yet related fields, aiming to bridge the gap between technical innovation and socio-economic outcomes...
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This page maintained by Nick Wainwright of EFFECTSPLUS and HP.

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